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IFA W50 Sound Update v1.0
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IFA W50 Sound Update v1.0

Here is LudmillaPower :-)
Yes I once had just taken a 50 IFA W and do not want to hide from you the sound!
This is an update for the Sound
IFA W50 fertilizers spreader TLS Modding Team
Link: http://uploaded.net/file/qeilkdmk
This is the original sound of the IFA W50 !!!
And I've got the brake values ??changed so that the W50 from doing roll.
On request, of course I'll also update other W50.
The sounds may be uploaded with my permission and with mention in the credits in other mods.
PS:   Simply the files in the zip copy and paste in the w50

EDIT By LudmillaPower

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