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IHC 1455A v2.1
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IHC 1455A v2.1

The IHC 1455 featured a 145-horsepower 6-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and was produced from 1979 to 1990 in Neuss (GER). During this period, a total of 1,032 tractors of this type were made with all-wheel drive.

3D Model: Cretan-Iceland
Textures: Cretan-Iceland
Sound: LudmillaPower
Copyright © by Cretan-Iceland

Special thanks to those who made possible with the preparation of their scripts only the rich features of this mod. These persons include Manuel Leithner, Model Eicher and Sven777b.
animated exhaust flap
Left turn signal
Right indicator
Warning lights
Rotating Beacon
Work light front
Rear work light
animated speed display
animated temperature display
animated fuel gauge
Swing axle
real speed of 42 km / h (manufacturer)
Animated rear window (via IC Control)
Animated side windows (via IC Control)
Animated roof hatch (about IC Control)
Opening doors (via IC Control)
Reliable Mirror
Blinking Pendant by number in the dashboard
Tire dust
Portable Heckzugmaul
Indoor Sound

To use all functions, the tractor must be selected.
About "G" you activate the individual equipment. Including the tractor.
The .zip file must be unzipped and contains 4 files.

IHC 1455A
IHC 1455A with front lift
The tires
The registration data for the Gearbox Mod

3D Model: Kreters-Island
Texturen: Kreters-Island
Sound: LudmillaPower
Copyright © by Kreters-Island

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