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In der Heide v1.0
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In der Heide v1.0

Halo LS community,
today I want to once again introduce a card from me.
In_der_Heide is a small but fine map, intended for small MP or SP.
She plays in the heath Lower Saxony, a small tranquil area with plenty of yards all a specialty have such as sheep or cattle fattening.

Yes now I've reinstalled
-different feedlots
-compostmaster v2
-Futterproduktion (Potato cycle)
-vorbereitet for the damage and repairmod and hard point

so folks because I wish you much fun trying.
Mfg hirsch6920

Modell: hirsch6920, google
Script: marhu, farmer andy
Idee / Konzept:
Tester:haju, bummi, toto, roman

  • Ben
    2016-05-22 20:05
    MDR aucun aninaux a achat et pas droit ou achat modddeur du dimache!!!
  • Jacky54450
    2016-05-22 21:51
    les animaux s'achtent marche aux bestiaux . rigolo regarde avant de critiquer
  • Jaja
    2016-05-27 00:07
    de tt fa├žon ces trop moche hein ben
  • Ben


    2016-05-27 00:08
    ces claire jaja
  • Janix
    2016-06-13 14:51
    Hi, could u add soilmod to this map ? it would be great if you could !
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