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International durastar 4300 v2
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International durastar 4300 v2

This was a ambulance but i made it a truck have fun me modding

me modding and Firegod158

  • Duraman
    2016-02-06 19:24 Send message
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    i love this truck
  • Idiots!
    2016-02-07 15:57 Send message
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    Seriously, what are you 10? This is another shitty mod. Goes straight to the trash. I guess Modhub has no limits on allowing trash mods.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-08 20:52 Send message
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    This thing is a total POS there's no detail @ all, no engine or interior , the only good detail on this is the tires/wheels & the drivers foot sticks though the windshield, seriously go back & keep working on this until it comes out 100% perfect in every way. & another thing to mention is the fact it spawns @ the store on its rear axle popping a wheelie.
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