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International Harvester 5488 v1.0
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International Harvester 5488 v1.0

Here is Ih5488 set. Contains 4wd, 2wd and buyable twins. Ic control.

opelman, edit's BTS

  • Brock lesnar
    2016-01-01 18:05
    why cant you keep stuff released on FB on facebook and not leak it on this leach site.....fs 2017 will be worthless thanks to you and your troll patrol!!!
  • Guest
    2016-01-02 19:53
    already had it from fs2kmodding. you seem to think that if modders quit people will miss them. just quit the world will keep turning, your not that important
  • Jim


    2016-01-02 22:45
    I like foreign mods Better than most American modders who think they can mod.
  • Wayne
    2016-03-13 14:39
    can anyone tell me how to put the tires on this mod
  • Mb


    2016-06-02 19:29
    Please make new version and make the twin wheels have a physical form not just hook on there and look pretty.
  • Mb


    2016-06-04 19:20
    and yes most foreign modders and mods are of much higher quality than American modders.
  • Duffpool
    2016-11-10 07:20
    Can you adapt this mod for FS17? Loved it in FS15.
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