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International Transtar II Trucks v1.0
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International Transtar II Trucks v1.0

Two trucks: IH Transtar II Semi IH Transtar II grain (capacity 28,368 liters) transports:
Power – 500 hp lighting equipment
Mirrors Speedometer and tachometer Color selection handbrake to install / remove the tent Mogli TRANSMISSION Addon
– 725 HP, 10 SPD manual dust from the wheels footsteps bikes Dirt / Washable
– Jake Brakes
– Keyboard to enter on and off the keyboard 9 selects high or low.
– Transmission (if used)
– Mouse Left / Right to move up / down, a mouse is neutral, and the space is reversed

arlen6, BlackAce, Sergey54Rus a BigCountry, obři, TwistedGA & Looseterror, Mogli, Manuel Leithner, westmorgan

  • John
    2016-02-14 07:09 Send message
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    Is it washable ??
  • Denis
    2016-02-14 14:42 Send message
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    Ola,Ficou muito bem feito o mod, cada detalhe. Parabens e muito obrigado///
  • Aaaa
    2016-02-14 16:58 Send message
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    more reuploads
  • Aaaa idtiot
    2016-02-14 22:52 Send message
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    How is this a reupload? Just because there are other transtars doesnt make this unoriginal
  • Jj


    2016-02-14 23:47 Send message
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    ORIGINALLY Posted to American eagles modding by westmorgan
  • Jim


    2016-02-15 08:10 Send message
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    Ohh shit JJ..... Cry us a damn river why don't ya!!!
  • @jj


    2016-02-15 15:17 Send message
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    @JJ, lets get the violin out and cry about our sand in our vagina's because someone was nice enough to share a mod with the public.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-15 22:29 Send message
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    here's an idea folks think about it maybe just maybe the original creators uploaded here as well as on aem, just food for thought, & @JJ I agree with you as the creators where nice enough to share this great mod with the public, I agree with you, I could haven't said it any better myself.
  • Blacky
    2016-03-14 11:34 Send message
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    junk mods that crash your computer it did to me so i deleted it off my computer
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