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International with Enclosed Gooseneck v1
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International with Enclosed Gooseneck v1

International 4400 truck and 60 foot Enclosed Goose neck trailer.
need to unrar then add the 2 zips to your mod folder.
ih4400 John2618 enclosed 60 foot trailer donald koon.
working rear door and side door with locking script and
lights by Hanomag Deutsch Modding Team.


  • U


    2015-09-20 16:50
    POOR RAMBOW u shouldve kept his name
  • Cow moblin' sova' bitch
    2015-09-20 19:23
    Credits:John2618 - International 4400Farmerboy69/Deer Creek Modding - Enclosed Car Trailerthis BS when someone else takes credit to someone elses creations, if this shit dont stop alot of the modders will quit!!!!!
  • Punisher
    2015-09-21 07:51
    Trailer needs work. You cant load skidsteers in it.
  • Bill
    2015-09-21 15:30
    When I attached them it crashed my game
  • Deaghan
    2015-09-22 00:04
    dont download it its not good
  • Yeah.
    2015-09-22 14:41
    1. This is stolen from a Face Book Group.2. It does not work.
  • Yeah, again
    2015-09-22 14:43
    3. It is obvious this moron steals mods.4. Why?5. Because there is no creds, pictures AND that is the EXACT SAME description as the one on the Facebook page.
  • Cummins_011
    2015-09-22 15:18
    No credits, stolen from a facebook page. Take it down Modhub
  • Blacky
    2016-02-15 23:28
    garbage mod the trailer doors don't open what waste
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-16 13:38
    Ha he cant even spell! LOL!
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