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Intrac 2004 Forestry v1.0
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Intrac 2004 Forestry v1.0

Dear LS15 community, here I have a Intrac which, although done but far from mature in 2004 Forestry for you. That's all I can do here. I'm not wahnsinns modders and this is my first mod I and a buddy have created together. This thing is going well and has no Logfehler but since you can still do some things out of it like eg sound change, adjust nicer tires, nicer interior with 900 degree steering, the door so that it is as not pulled but pushed the originals Intrac more. Here schonmal the "features" that he has:

Open / close -Fahrertür
enlarge -Ladefläche
unlock chains
-Arbeitslicht Front / rear

I know that the Mod is not but become madness is Lover From Intrac are also hereby bestmmt have fun.
VERY IMPORTANT: If you desire and time has can this happy rebuild in a better way and upload it here to Modhoster. Because if there is someone who wants to put it, I would be very happy if I could enjoy the renovation or improvement also because I'm a fan from Intrac whether 2002,2003, or 2004 would be glad if the then freely give her to download. Of course you can him even private use, I can not dictate to you, yes, but I would be happy about it: D
ALSO IMPORTANT: Your you do not have to bother making me suggestions and enhancement requests to write in the comments, because I will not change this and do that because I just do not have the skill to modding. Of course you other people can write suggestions in the comments that might take this to heart.

Modell: LSGambler und Kumpel der keinen Modhoster Account hat :D
Textur: "
Script: "
Idee / Konzept: "
Tester: "
Sonstige: Das " soll hei├čen, dass es ├╝berall die gleichen Personen sind :D

  • Leon
    2018-04-02 11:43
    can you convert it to fs17
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