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Iowa Farms And Forestry v2.1
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Iowa Farms And Forestry v2.1

I know the last version I put final, Should not have said that because I have been playing the map myself and dicided to make a few more changes to the map.
In this version you have the BeetMaster and a woodchipper to keep going. You dump the beet pulp in the compost machine. The feed mill now puts out 150000 of mixed feed.
There is now a place for a placeable sawmill by Stinky's Place. The SaleBarn has been re-done with the chicken zone moved there and a timed gate for selling of chicken 2.
Other then that I moved a few things and added a new shed or two... You need to find and download the compostmaster mod pack. Have Fun and thanks for playing the map.

Farmboy002 For the layout of the map.
Giants, And all the folks for the mods I used in this map.

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    Its fs19 why are you uploading this?
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