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Iowa Farms And Forestry Fixed
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Iowa Farms And Forestry Fixed

I made some updates/fixes to the map, The chicken2 barn now will subtract chickens as they are ready for slaughter, I found someone who helped me fix this, He added a updated script and made some new door triggers for the chicken2 barn a big Thank You to this guy who asked me to keep his name private. You can now load soybeans at the chicken farm too, Plus I added some timed controled gates. Other then that the rest is still the same.

Farmboy002, Giants, And all the mod makers.

  • Animal
    2017-11-09 19:28
    link is broken
  • Bob from iowa
    2017-11-10 02:23
    there is NO FORESTRY in IOWA!!
  • No


    2017-11-10 05:55
    fix broken down load link
  • Farmboy002
    2017-11-10 14:13
    I sent a new link for the map to modhub, It should be up as soon as they can get to it.And I don't know what to tell you Bob, But it's just a map for a game that has farming and forestry in it. It's just for fun make believe. But thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention.
  • Farmboy002
    2017-11-10 17:14
  • Bob
    2017-11-11 00:29
    take out the trees genius!don't take a rocket scienctist to figure that out!and before you tell me to do it myselfI'm not going to download a useless map!
  • Iowafarmer
    2017-11-14 07:51
    oh Bob i find it hilarious that you would say such a thing considering its obvious you have no clue what you're talking about. I live in Bellevue, Ia and i own a farm and my uncle owns a very successful logging company. But hey you obviously know everything lol for someone who knows nothing about modding maybe you should stick to sucking the shaft
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