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IRISCounty4fach v1.0
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IRISCounty4fach v1.0

Here is the IRISCounty map. My first mapbau in modhoster. The map has a few LOG error but error-free in the game.
So who does not want to download the map just because Logfehler of any built-in stuff on it are there to just leave.
We, the team led by Iris Andy Mark and Adi play the map for 3 months in Multiplayer and have been adequately tested. The map is now error free and makes err fun.
A description is included. The map has major roadways and is almost exclusively in Multiyplayer since an alone the possibilities can not auschöpfen.
In addition to 100 shops and factories can also be found a race course and a fun park for Landrober or Grashopper.
I wish you much fun with the map and remain
The Iris


  • Bob (wires)
    2015-09-21 22:11
    I downloaded the map, and have loaded the map in with no mods just the map.zip. Started my game and got the map to open. As soon as I pushed the ( key W ) to move out of the start location, the ( on foot ) moved forward, and at this point the map locked up, No stop in forward motion, then a steady rotation happens. System needed a Ctrl-Alt-Del to recover. Log file dhows a lot of errors. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-09-21 23:00
    Downloaded map for a second time. Setup to load map, loaded in up to the Start point. I hit the "tab key" and now see the Combine Harvester standing on it`s end against a building, Tab to an other item, Instant lock up, Reboot required. Check log file, Lots of errors, Warnings and D:/ code errors. Any ideas yo correct problem? Bob.
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