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Island of Giants v0.9
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Island of Giants v0.9

Some may remember the start of the successful series of games is perhaps more. Since I've always liked the card I decided to bring the meantime but already 7-year-old map to the LS 15. The buildings are for the most part still has the original so the texture does not look quite as nice. Of course, all the functions of LS 15 are installed like animals, purchasable fields precipitable trees, ...
The island is 4 square kilometers and has a 6 kilometer long coastline. It goes by the name "Island of the Giants", has 49 inhabitants and an agricultural area of 240 hectares. The island can call a small village with a church his own. A bridge is in the construction phase, the only connection to the mainland, there is currently only over the station. Their farm is the only farm on the island. Take the harvest to the nearby train station, the mill or stash it in their own silos. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island. (Slightly modified description of the LS 2008)
PS: It's still a beta version so that I can already collect some feedback to create an (almost) perfect V 1. So I'd appreciate various proposals which we could still installing or improving.
Although it is not yet the V 1 is running the map with me without Logfehler

MFG Moia

Moia, Giants

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    2015-03-24 04:35
    Muito bom gostei.Por favor trĂ¡s o Maps 2009.
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