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Islands v1.1 Multifruit
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Islands v1.1 Multifruit

Read! Description Absolutely!

Version 1.1 Multifruit
minor changes
adapted textures
implemented cows
PDA new / modified
implemented sawmills
tilled fields new
Silo capacity increases 250000L

This is the Islands Map by me Redi90. Since my Talfeld arrived quite well I myself chose to build another ... The Map is a pure Fantasiemap! that should be clear to all.

What's all Installed ?!
purchasable items
Mist interim storage
Animation Door Trigger
Terrain And Dirt Control
Grass texture - Dundee98
Feed stores - 1984Fendt936
Nordzucker - El Cid
Fatian - roads
Wild fox - garaging Hall
manuuuu - BGA
Marhu - silo (filling level limitation) - wassermod - wool range Collector - sawmill
Gene Borg - GMK texture
Andy1978 - manure storage

What you need for the game Works ?!
- AnimationMap

or you take the link below where everything in it is what you need and I recommend you
click here

The map is suitable for small to medium size technology. Anyone who knows my other Maps will know that I am Forst Enthusiastic why a large forest is again built ... who wants to make a lot of animals here is false. Animals are installed but have no great significance!

What is yet ?!
Signs for better orientation.
more Purchasable objects
other textures eg. Signs instead of the standard purchase Trigger
possibly pigs and cattle

PS .:
Am For constructive criticism always open, where where the Map does not go .... only read full description and then test it again !!

MFG Redi90

Modell: Redi90
Idee / Konzept: Redi90
Tester: Redi90 Farmer Ronny Muscri
Sonstige: Marhu El Cid Fatian Wildfuchs manuuuu Dundee98 1984Fendt936 Geneborg Andy1978

  • Jeremy
    2016-08-06 08:06
    Won't respond to controls. Unplayable.
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