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Iveco concept Truck v1.0 initial
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Iveco concept Truck v1.0 initial

Hi folks,
this could be the truck of the future!
This Mod was made after a concept of Ivan Tarantini. He only has basic features because I could not imagine if there is any need for future-mods in the farming-community.

Before you whine:
The windows are blacked out because there are no images of the interior. I did not want to create my own because that would be a lot of work and as I said, I don't know if it is worth for only a couple of guys (and girls) who like to play with that kind of mod
For the same reason, this mod has only the basic MAN-Sound-files and Power-Values
The textures are simple and static. You will not be able the choose between colors and it won't get dirty. For the reason you should already know by now.

If there will be enough feedback, there is no problem to upgrade or update the mod.

This is a fun-mod! Be aware of this! If you don't like such mods, leave this page! The community is free to shoot at haters and those who didn't read this discription (in a verbal way!) ;o)
It is in no way allowed to reupload this mod anywhere! If one likes to present it in his own mod-portal, he needs my approval! Anything else is illegal and will be treated as such!
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  • Jason
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    great truck. fast, steering works great
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