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Jakas Map v2.0
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Jakas Map v2.0

Most of the objects come from other maps and I thank their authors.
Map made with the case.
Map for larger machines.

On the map is located;
-Several stocks to
-Dynamiczna Structure of the earth
-Animals Cows Sheep Pigs Chickens
-Basic crops
-Machine to start

-Kupowanie fields
-New PDA
-Delikatne Change of scenery and a few textures
-moda Chaff, manure and manure
-Wymienione Disappearing buildings on the farm

and many others

Required fashion;

Fashion available in the package.
You should unpack and put the mods.


  • Sweet250
    2015-12-17 21:48
    Your map looks ok, but has missing 110 links for the mixing station
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