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JCB 3CX 4WD v2.0
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JCB 3CX 4WD v2.0

Author: Snapper


  • Widowmaker
    2016-02-29 19:58
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    Okay the only thing that i dont get, is why can no one build one of these with a traditional american rear end, where the arm actually pivots out of the center of the back and not the side
  • Slim9380
    2016-03-01 05:04
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    Widowmaker you want a centermount
  • Blacky
    2016-03-05 13:17
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    garbage mod junk doesn't come with a front bucket or backhoe bucket at all waste of time
  • Answer 4 widomaker
    2016-05-03 01:40
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    The reason the JCB does not have the outriggers that you want it to have is that JCB never had the outriggers that you want to have. Case, Ford, JD, ect ect.. all had ones like you describe. JCB always did it different and had ones that slid out as far as you want then went up and down vertically. Much better system as you could still put them down even with limited space around you.
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