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JCB Fastrac 8310 v1.0
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JCB Fastrac 8310 v1.0

JCB Fastrac 8310
JCB Fastrac 8310 Black
JCB Fastrac 8310 Forst
JCB gewicht

jhoracio euroDZN, Chrisi136.

  • Paco
    2015-04-03 14:48
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    This is NOT the DLC of Giants. Is only a mod pack.
  • Guest
    2015-04-03 14:58
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    How about some better pics of the units offered here? My guess is that they pics were intentionally taken so dark as to confuse some to think maybe these were the DLC versions of these units.. the wheels tell me they are the mod versions that do not get dirty or anything.
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