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JD 4440 Final v1.0
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JD 4440 Final v1.0

– fixed the spindles from popping out the side of the axle and added tierod movement with spindles
– added rotating fan and pulleys
– added dirt
– removed all 3 point hitch parts since this is how I like it.
– indoor sound
– error free

original model – knagsted thanks to bcbulher for cleaning up the 4440 decal and making new rad screens. thanks to whoever else had a hand in creating this tractor.

  • Tdog55
    2016-03-02 23:08
    YOU BASTARD That is my mod you edited ask you jackass
  • Bloke
    2016-03-03 02:20
    ..........and its a piece of junk !!! FS13 for FS15 SCRAP.
  • Liar
    2016-03-05 05:10
    TDOG55 that is not your mod its bcbuhlers so get your shit straight you dipshit
  • L aigle blanc
    2016-03-06 02:55
    ou est le relevage arrière c est vraiment dommage de sortir un mods non fini quel faut espoir
  • Gord
    2016-03-08 09:16
    Childish rhetoric aside, since no one person owns a mod, this is a very good version of a 4440. All I could think of to make it better would be gloss and the climate control and radio on the inside top of cab like my 1981 4440 had. The instrument panel is accurate and it's more than satisfactory over all. Thanks to the builders and up-loaders for your effort, it made my day.
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