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JD 6170R FL / 6210R / 6210R FL v2.1
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JD 6170R FL / 6210R / 6210R FL v2.1

Today we present you a John Deere Pack V2 by Puma.

Included in the pack are:
- John Deere 6170R FL
- John Deere 6210R
- John Deere 6210R FL
- Matching Frontgewicht
- Matching front loader

What has been done?

Model update:
Roof / Chassis - repeated adjustments
Hood - was again completely revised
Texture - Update V2 (Puma [FBM])

Inserted tube Script

On demand, the user Puma has the rim color by IC control
made selectable (Yellow / Black)

Next was taken:
Fully washable (!)
Adapted Frontladerkonsole (about IC control faded)
Mirror adjustable / retractable for better overview
Exhaust sheets new
wheelbase adjustable
New Fender (about IC control a / hidden)
Designed bonnet new
animated wipers
Animated sun visor
Doors / rear window / skylight animated (IC control)
Designed dashboard lights new
Entire lighting (interior, exterior - new control)
Inserted and programmed touch panel new
2. Touch Panel inserted (time, torque, work hours, rate)
(Displaying trailers / devices) Control Panel Attacher
built Capsuspension
Left door to öffenen externally (key "R")
switched high beam (Ctrl + right f)
Animated PTO
Swing axle inserted front
Animated rear axle
Indoor sound
sound update
Luster adapted V2
Dirttextur adjusted (LS15 Dirt)
IC control

A spread and / or re-upload in other forums is NOT desirable.
Do NOT upload this mod on other boards !!
Dystrybucj? i / lub ponownego wysy ania? na innych never Forach jest po ?? dane.
To share the Mod with your friends, please use the here issued DL link.
Support is exclusively available here: http://forbidden-mods.phpbb8.de/

Mod by:
Edit: Puma
Publisher: Forbidden Mods

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