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JD 7r Loader with duals V1
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JD 7r Loader with duals V1

LBJmodding presents the 7r series. This has loader brackets and bucket and duals option. Please unzip when downloaded.

Giants. LBJmodding

  • Jim


    2016-07-08 21:57
    Holy cow what a very nice tractor. Best one I have seen yet. Thanks Joe
  • Dandy modding
    2016-07-08 23:00
    LMAO fake not LBJ's mod xD
  • Dandy modding
    2016-07-08 23:02
    may look similar but definitely not his
  • Random
    2016-07-09 03:51
    Ur right its not LBJ's its Ago's, if anything tho its on par with LBJ's convert if not better, but I'm sure LBJ will run his back through blender and make his one better, i'm also sure Ago will be pissed about this mod being on here but then most mods end up on here.
  • Kyle
    2016-07-09 03:57
    This thing is not even close to LBJ or Agos loader. Not even the right model
  • Random
    2016-07-09 04:05
    Agos name is all over the Moddesc and most of the scripts that's all I'm going off, certain parts of the mod aren't his for sure engine etc, but it doesn't really matter does it, who ever did the convert and put the tractor together did a good job of it tho.
  • Random
    2016-07-09 04:28
    lololol not even close, but it is his pic tho
  • Cristina
    2016-07-10 15:42
    Joes pic , AGOs model everyone in fs knows that and if you dont time you did
  • ?


    2016-07-11 21:25
    you guys do understand this isnt the one joe uses right?
  • Mike
    2016-07-11 22:15
    Yes it is Joes. Its on the internet. Don't you know everything on the internet is true??? Duh
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