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JD DB60 V1
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JD DB60 V1

This here is the famous DB60 everyone has been wanting so here it is. 100% error free and plants..Wheat..Barley.. Maize.. Soybean.. Oats..Cotton.. Happy Thanksgiving from the one and only modder....JBFarms modding. Use to be FS2K modding but hey... What can i say.. Site went down the tubes..

Im sure the comments will be filled on who owns this but let the fights begin...

  • Blg


    2015-11-27 13:17
    tres bon semoir semi direct belle texture salissure
  • Guest
    2015-11-27 15:30
    i have a legit question, does it cause or have any lag? all of the kinze reskins with added items like this one has the added yellow seed boxes cause some lag in my game. since joe is a selfish bastard this is as close to a db seeder we are gonna see.
  • Farmallf12
    2015-11-27 20:54
    The only reason Joe does not share his mods is because he worked so hard to make them and many people steal his mods from him or accuse him of using mods from other people and claiming them as his own and people like you always say bad things about his mods
  • Noob
    2015-11-28 03:32
    i guess if you wanna have your lips glued to joes ass that's one answer to the question. joe doesn't share his mods because as guest said, he's a selfish bastard. he's an only child and has no friends, never has. he pays a few people to make mods for him so he can show the world what "he" did. can't blame him though, not his fault he has napoleon syndrome, he was born that way.
  • Brock lesnar
    2015-11-28 05:25
    you trolls.....that's not even joes' mod.....if you got it from fs2k its from another uploader....one in which would probably stop sharing mods if he found out about this mod bashing bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nameless
    2015-11-28 06:45
    i don't think anyone said it was joe's mod. the comments clearly say this mod is as close to a real db seeder we will ever see. it only mentions joe for the selfish douche he is. he's the only with a real db seeder which is why will we never see one because he has it. i'm the real maker and original uploader of this mod and i'm happy to share it with the public.
  • James brandt
    2015-11-28 22:02
    Its not a DB its a 1770NT CCS, If you are going to claim credit for a mod you clearly didn't create, get the name and model right.
  • James brandt
    2015-11-28 22:04
    Its not a DB its a 1770NT CCS, If you are going to claim credit for a mod you clearly didn't create, get the name and model right. I edited this mod and the credits are as follows,XYZspain for the Kinze planter, and Knagsted for the tank and seed boxes. All I did was fix a few things, reskin it, add the edits, and change the lift wheels.
  • Peoplecantread.
    2015-11-29 00:36
    Who said anything about claiming credit for this? If you people would actually read instead of trolling it said in the credits.. Let the fights begin... Well here is the proof...Lmao
  • James brandt
    2015-11-29 00:49
    from the one and only modder....JBFarms modding
  • Jim


    2015-11-29 01:47
    I think that's who uploaded this and he was saying Happy Thanksgiving to us. That's what I got out of that description.
  • Vince mcmann
    2015-11-29 08:00
    just play the damn game.....
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-11-29 21:11
    I build one upgrade in this planter... i will do the upload now
  • Slim
    2015-12-01 03:39
    thanks for uploading love this mod if no one else is accepting I am thanks a lot brudda
  • Fsuk
    2015-12-02 00:31
    pure shit
  • Sam


    2016-05-27 19:53
    you cant plant soy beans or cotton
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