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JD S680 Pack v1.0
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JD S680 Pack v1.0

I have been disappointed that no washable S-series John Deere's have been publicly released, so I made some changes to make this version of the S680 washable.  To do so, I had to change out the foldable bin and unloading auger to different options.  The single and dual wheeled versions come with Maurer grain bins and the crawler comes with a green version of the square after market bin.  All three version come with the same non-folding unloading auger.  If these changes bother you, then DO NOT DOWNLOAD--these are not the combines you are looking for.  

These are not perfect edits, but the majority of the combine gets dirty and both headers are fully washable.

-- 3 washable versions of the S680 American-styled with wide-set back wheels
-- 2 headers (12m and 13.7m) and Genovese header trailer
-- Chopper Dust mod added to each combine
-- 50k liter grain capacity

Known Issues:
1)  logs the following warning related to the Maurer grain bins--"Warning: FillPlaneGeometry shape geometry must be called 'fillVolumeShape', not 'LBJFIllVolume'" --I don't know how to fix
2)  When first filling the Maurer bins, the grain plane sticks out of the left side facing of the bin.  Goes away after about 14% full.
3)  Combines are washable except for the front including the top of the cab--can't be fixed with current model.

Original combine & 640FD models:  Julian11
Header Trailer & 645FD:  Big Boss Modding
Michelin Wheels:  Big Boss Modding
Maurer Bin:  Unknown (Rafazr?)
Square Bin:  Unknown
Chopper Dust mod:  KarlosCZ & lincolaci
First Edit:  killerrf
Additional edits:  cjwilksy


Original combine & 640FD models: Julian11
Header Trailer & 645FD: Big Boss Modding
Michelin Wheels: Big Boss Modding
Maurer Bin: Unknown (Rafazr?)
Square Bin: Unknown
Chopper Dust mod: KarlosCZ & lincolaci
First Edit: killerrf
Additional edits: cjwilksy

**Sorry for the "unknown" credits..if anyone knows the original authors of the grain bins, please leave in comment section! Also, if I missed anyone else, please leave in comments.

  • Lmfao
    2015-12-12 08:02
    looks like monkey shit
  • Name
    2015-12-12 17:05
    this is one of the best jd combines out there thanks man
  • Cody
    2015-12-13 22:21
    How do you get the mod to work i downloaded it and put it in mods folder it wont work.
  • Pablo
    2015-12-17 23:47
    Really 50K grain capacity?!Thats not very realistic
  • Niteninja
    2015-12-19 19:02
    Love the mod! But, you should make a corn header for these. If you could that'd be awesome!
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-20 06:08
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-20 06:10
    thats a 24 row corn header
  • Farming man
    2016-01-01 02:52
    thank you!! thank!!! you thank!!! you soooooo much i have been looking for this so much
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