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J/D windrower pack v0.1
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J/D windrower pack v0.1

This is a work in progress mod pack. i have tried to convert the john deere windrower grass cutter pack from fs13 to fs15. i have gotten it to be ingame and i can purchase the mod,However i dont have the knoweldge to get the mower to cut grass as i am not a advanced modder so i have this mod for someone who can fix the issue of the cutter. i take no credits for this mod as i am just someone who trys to convert fs13 mods to fs15. So if you have knoweldge on how to fix the cutter xml to get it running you may and repost it here on modhub. So again this is not a fully function mod if you have questions on what all needs to be fixed i can let you know. i am stuck on the workareas and how to get the mod to cut grass.thanks again

credits go to the original creator Nickel77

  • Kj


    2015-03-04 17:32
    lien mort il ny a rien du tout dans le magasin!!!
  • Guest
    2015-03-04 17:46
    ne sais pas pourquoi je ai téléchargé est cassé une nouvelle version avec lien de travail en excuser
  • Guest
    2015-03-04 17:53
    for some reason it does not show up ingame i think you might have to unzip and rezip the 2 files there for them to work. i already put a version 2 out that fixes that problem sorry for the delay
  • Guest
    2015-03-04 17:59
    so to confirm you must unzip and rezip both the folders in the zip in order for them to show up ingame. remember the cutter is not functioning so who can fix that would be apprecaitedafin de confirmer que vous devez décompresser et rezip les deux dossiers dans le zip afin pour eux de montrer jusqu'à ingame . ne oubliez pas le couteau ne fonctionne pas alors qui peut résoudre ce problème serait apprecaited
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