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JD4455 with flupack v1
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JD4455 with flupack v1

JD4455 with front loader and Frontierbale fork


  • Hahahahaha
    2015-12-04 12:54
    congratulation, you know how to take someones elses mods and post them on a site to share with a bunch of retards that fit in with, everyone knows who made these mods so it makes you seem like even more of a degenerate posting them up. oops to big of a word, degenerate means dumbfuck.
  • Gord
    2015-12-04 22:23
    From a fellow retard with a 126 IQ, thanks for sharing and not hoarding your mods. You are a good person not a dumbf--k.
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-06 02:02
    Very poor quality...
  • Kevin enfinger
    2015-12-06 23:27
    i see a moter i can now use to make my mods better
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-01-02 07:16
    I love this mod i use this tractor for just about everything....was wondering if you could please take the front loader off and just make it a straight tractor or if someone could do this for me or tell me how to do it id do it myself. thanks
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-01-02 07:21
    Please post in comments if someone can help me out with this. thanks
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