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Je suis Charlie v1.0
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Je suis Charlie v1.0

This mod is in homage to the people killed in the attack gold charlie weekly in France . The French understand and hopefully others too . thank you not to remove this mod please .
I hope the author of this mod will be understanding. thank you in advance.

Shakari and change in Razco

  • S.n


    2015-01-11 17:02
    Merci pour eux.
  • Guest
    2015-01-11 17:25
    Je ne télécharge pas, mais j'apprécie et ça me touche. MerciI don't download it, but i enjoy and that touch me. Thanks
  • Gaza
    2015-01-11 17:43
    f*ck up !!!
  • J.d


    2015-01-11 18:42
    merci pour eux
  • Chuck
    2015-01-11 21:53
    Solidarity against religious terrorism!! Stand strong France, DO NOT give in to the terrorism. DO NOT let them control your speech and press!!
  • John deere
    2015-01-12 16:38
    this is really cool
  • Kas


    2015-01-12 17:53
    good job
  • Alex37960
    2015-01-14 20:10
    merci pour cet hommage !!!!!vive la liberté d expression esperons que tous ses fanatique finisse en enfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nono
    2015-01-21 13:51
    Vive la liberté d'expression !Extremiste à la con
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