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Jenz HEM 583z v2.0 Final Patch fixed
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Jenz HEM 583z v2.0 Final Patch fixed

The career of Hacker's!
There textures are slightly revised!
What's more: it made ??me extremely disturbed that had to be crammed the hackers, this has been fixed, the hacker now working as it should !!!
The Modderei.net team is grateful for any meaningful criticism and wish you much fun with our version of Hacker's)

Das Team !!!

  • Oky


    2015-06-14 23:51 Send message
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    chipper is not stable when you take logs, need more take care of this mod... but bather then previous version
  • Jack
    2015-06-18 00:30 Send message
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    The chipper is stable enough when you take longer then 4 m then you get prob.
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