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JF HKL v1 and Lantmannen HKL tools v3
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JF HKL v1 and Lantmannen HKL tools v3

JF loaderWagon With HKL and not cutter
Friends and tested and carriage work, but may be small errors so take beta
Built a loader to the trailer that you will find in HKL tools. Tips grass in wagons


  • Testing
    2015-09-25 02:46 Send message
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    nice idea but has page and a half of lua and xml and texture errors, plus the hkl part is someone elses mod. And the dirt layer is set up incorrectly.
  • Poldy66
    2015-10-09 23:58 Send message
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    ---- and the pick up dont works.The idea is great and i like, pls repair this mod than u get 5 stars.
  • Lantmannen
    2016-01-12 21:10 Send message
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    Mod is stolen . So how care what you think. Stupied THOMAS steel mods evry where
  • Hsayar
    2016-10-28 14:50 Send message
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    Can you edit for FS17?
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