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J&M Gravity Wagons v2.0 Fix
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J&M Gravity Wagons v2.0 Fix

Yes they are finally available for Fs15...
A friend contacted me asking for help with a conversion he started but had problems I knew I could handle... (Thanks to WestMorgan for advise)
Together, we were able to finish it fully working and error free.
To accommodate the new dirt feature of Fs15 I created a Custom Dirt texture for the wagons.
Everything else is that same as the original mod from Fs13.

Please note that in no way we take credit for the original Models, Textures & Scripting, only for the full conversion and dirt skin.

Notable features on this mod include:
 - Funnel-shaped large capacity grain bin for fast and efficient unloading.
 - The rear hitch allows you to create a trailer train.
 - Suitable to haul your standard Barley, Canola, Corn and Wheat
 - Full lights

Version 2.0:
fix the elastic tongue effect on the wagons (a huge thanks to WestMorgan)

If you re-upload on other website, please KEEP THE SAME DESCIPTION

Original Fs13 mod
Peterj & Sam123
Fs15 Conversion

  • Common sence
    2015-10-02 00:15 Send message
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    you forgot to copy the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you are going to REUPLOAD a mod at least REPECT THE ORGINAL person and GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE!!!!!!"If you re-upload on other website, please KEEP THE SAME DESCIPTION"
  • Boss
    2017-05-20 23:46 Send message
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    could somebody convert them to FS17
  • Thesquad
    2019-02-13 15:07
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