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John Deere 1130 v1.0
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John Deere 1130 v1.0

John Deer 1130 Well done my bug:
The lower the trator is a gift he and Massey Ferguson Massey mark
it is a beta.


  • Dave
    2016-02-11 12:17
    Still looks like a massey to me with a strange reskin that doesn't resemble a john deere
  • Michael
    2016-02-11 13:55
    john deer in oliver color on massey fergesson !!!
  • D. meise
    2016-02-11 14:09
    >>> caution don't use modhoster.de >>> all user data (user name, email, password) have been hacked some times ago and are on a public website now
  • Fail
    2016-02-11 14:45
    this is an epic fail on the skin the colors are off and you could have at least tried to remodel the tractor a little bit
  • Vintagetractors ltd
    2016-02-11 19:43
    Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Shame on you! MF is only RED! Do not mix the deer with horses!
  • Jake32
    2016-02-14 17:29
    Am i really seeing a funny coloured massey Ferguson thats weird on the eye with a touch of green as a jd, No!! No!! No!!
  • Russell bannister
    2016-03-01 05:00
    Nice try...could you have at least made it look like a real John Deere?
  • Mcgingery
    2016-03-18 02:20
    lol it looks like a krone.... fml lol im dieing!!!!
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