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John Deere 2100 Ripper v1.0
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John Deere 2100 Ripper v1.0

John Deere 2100 Ripper
Here it is guys, we are happy to share the 2100 with the community, we hope that you will enjoy the mod. Find us on my Facebook page, Reaper's Mods.
-Fully Animated
-AO Textures
-Full Lights
Shun71 Model & Textures
Reaper9111 Scripts & Textures

Shun71 Model & Textures
Reaper9111 Scripts & Textures

  • Reaper9111
    2016-04-12 17:51
    Wow, you didn't waist time, i was to upload the mod here myself, it's been only 2 minutes that the mod was posted... lol Thanks for keeping the crédits !
  • Asd


    2016-04-12 18:39
    looks like some components were pulled from the 2720
  • Catdaddyxx
    2016-04-12 18:48
    Top tier mods like these can't be appreciated enough when someone is actually willing to share. Thanks to you Reaper and Shun!
  • Reaper9111
    2016-04-12 18:48
    Not at all, this was built from scratch by Shun71, we dont want to be associated in any way with the author of the 2720 !!!
  • Asd can lick my fartbox
    2016-04-12 18:54
    This mod is much better made than the garbage 2720
  • Matt
    2016-04-12 18:55
    Awesome work Reaper, once again. Your mods and map ,and hopefully the next map soon, ;) have made FS 15 so much more enjoyable
  • You go reaper!!!!!!
    2016-04-12 19:03
    Great Job Reaper!!!!!! You and Shun71 are what this community needs!!!!!!
  • Reaper9111
    2016-04-12 20:44
    your junk edits are why we cant have actually quality work... just leave lol
  • Majorcomeapart
    2016-04-13 21:32
    Love the ripper it is the only one I use to plough on all my maps ,it is frickin awesome! The only thing I was going to ask is that it could use a hitch on the back to pull anhydrous tanks behind that would make it even better in the game, congrats though to everyone who puts out mods cause if it were not for you guys the game would be plain jane . Would love to see a bigger version of this mod with a hitch for all the bigger maps that would be totally awesome. CONGRATS !!!
  • Black8430
    2016-04-14 03:49
    Reaper this is awesome i just wanted to point out that the ripper shanks should be in a perfect straight line. Hate to complain because its great tho
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