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John Deere 2130 CCS Planter v1.4 Final
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John Deere 2130 CCS Planter v1.4 Final

JD planter 2130 SCC 28 lines (originally can use 18-30 lines) basic game script, because it comes with almost all that is needed. Have fun!

1.4 Final
Fixed the componant warning.

Emerson Bozza, Alberto Bartchechem, vBEN32

  • Matt
    2015-05-11 03:05
    if it folded it would be awsome
  • Name
    2015-05-11 03:12
    Ben32, why do you keep uploading mods made by others to this site? Show some respect for other's hard work you stupid child. I have personally made & released dozens of original high quality mods for this game. But, because of people like you, I don't release anymore. Everyone can thank you for ruining the FS community and being the reason they can't have nice mods. Leave mods on the sites you find them. If you want to share, then send people to the other sites.
  • Ben32
    2015-05-11 14:17
    I found this and personaly fixed it, I uploaded it here and I have all the credits of the original that I found with it. I am not taking all credit for it.
  • Will
    2015-05-11 21:57
    nice mod shame its only suitable for big farms can you not find a transporter for it ??
  • Ben32
    2015-05-11 23:58
    I might try to have it fold up, ill do my best:)
  • Jamie
    2015-05-12 05:25
    great job ben and that criticism is not called for I have uploaded over 16 mods john deer only and fixed problems with them and uploaded them here for fs2013 and ppl talked shit to me to but in the end they were the ones that were using my version if it were not for ppl who take halfway done mods and fix them nobody would halve half of what they do I think you did a great job this site needs MORE LIKE YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DONT LET A GOOD JOHN DEER MOD DIE. :}
  • Ben32
    2015-05-13 02:54
    thank you for the positive:)
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