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John Deere 2130 Planter CCS v1.3
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John Deere 2130 Planter CCS v1.3

JD planter 2130 SCC 28 lines (originally can use 18-30 lines) basic game script, because it comes with almost all that is needed. Have fun!

I personally fixed the mod so there are not errors except one warrning thing I am trying to figure out.  This is a real JD planter not a huge chicken.

Emerson Bozza, Alberto Bartchechem, vBEN32

  • Jultauz
    2015-05-06 13:29
    Thanks to precise that's not a joke and its really beautiful work
  • Ben32
    2015-05-06 14:22
    Don't thank me, thank the original maker, I just fixed and uploaded. They did a great job with it.
  • Wayne
    2015-05-07 14:20
    hey man love the mod 2130 planter thank u
  • Name
    2015-05-10 04:08
    not fold poor
  • Graygoose
    2015-06-02 01:36
    can't get it in transport position
  • Tony
    2015-06-15 21:37
    Waste of time downloading and a waste of in-game money , it will not fold and cant even get it out of the freakin yard!!!
  • Russell bannister
    2015-06-29 05:28
    If you could get the planter to fold, then it's be just about perfect
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