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John Deere 3135 BETA
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John Deere 3135 BETA

Hello, JD3135 We present a 90 hp tractor with animated parts and real textures and real model.
Soon Im going to publish the final version, with some extras.

Sebastijan Martinko

  • Caseihman38
    2015-07-18 02:50
    No sounds at all??? oops lol I wish modders would take there time and double check everything, and not rush to release..
  • Sebastijan
    2015-07-18 19:14
    was a little my fault, I apologize in the next version will have many improvements ingame.
  • Caleb
    2016-03-02 17:18
    @CASEIHMAN38 Not being mean or anything but what you even doing on this mod?? Your user name clearly states John Deere's rival company lol just messin with ya
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