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John Deere 4020 FL
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John Deere 4020 FL

This is an edit of the John Deere 4020 adding a front loader console to make it more useful around the farm.  Also made washable, fixed the lights, fan now rotates, tweaked the motor and wheels setup, made toggle option for duals to singles and a cab.  

V3 - added option to toggle duals to singles (key M) and toggle cab (key K)
- default setup is duals and no cab and is how it will appear when reloading saves

V2 - added collison box so tractor would refuel correctly

Original JD 4420 model and texture: Walter98,FIAMM
Previous Edit,Scripting,ao textures: Skoomalegend
This Edit adding dirt,front loader console,tweaked motor and wheels setup,fan rotation,toggle options: cjwilksy
Loader console: from 6090RC pack by Kondziu25
new grill and spec file: braindead4554
Cab from JD 1030 Pack FS 2013 by TSL

  • Isaiah
    2016-11-07 13:52 Send message
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    I hope that this gets converted or is remade for fs17 I really like this mod.
  • Name
    2019-05-09 17:17
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  • ???


    2019-07-23 17:28
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  • Aw farmer
    2020-03-20 11:16
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    No its fs15
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