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John Deere 4995 Swather + Cutting Heads v1.0
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John Deere 4995 Swather + Cutting Heads v1.0

Presenting the John Deere 4995 swather for Farming Simulator; same model as the New Holland Speedrower, but proper coloring and skin.

I have included the cutting heads as well for the machine, must use Multi Mowing mod as well!
Be sure to unzip files.

FS15: HD Designs Original: SAR-Michael, JDB14, farmerboy69, Fsfarmer11

HD Designs

  • Dieselhead
    2016-01-17 22:33
    The download isn't working for me, could you just upload it through modhub?
  • Erpilas
    2016-01-17 22:55
    I would not work either downloading .... thanks ..
  • Outlaw1199
    2016-01-17 23:20
    Can you put the file up for modhub mediafile i can not seem to get working ........if you can that would be great thanks
  • @ guest
    2016-01-18 00:26
    @ GUEST use modhub to too download some people dont have Mediafire.com
  • @ guest
    2016-01-18 00:27
    @ GUEST use modhub to download some people dont have Mediafire.com
  • Zzzzz
    2016-01-18 00:29
    same issue for me, DL is not working, please add a modhub link for the swather & cutter, I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
  • Collin9832
    2016-01-18 01:31
    put the file on mod hub download
  • @brock lesnar
    2016-01-18 05:30
    wont u go back to puffing winston and shut your f pie trap
  • Redneck farmer
    2016-01-18 07:38
    Why don't you use ModHub Link for this file?? It funny how some modders try to get people to join some damn site just to download or use a mod, just f-ing stupid. So stick your mod where the sun don't shine.
  • John
    2016-01-18 08:33
    Just f**k this modhub site, I will never will use this site, there are lots of good sites.
  • Just  a guy
    2016-01-18 08:36
    Just type in John Deere windrower 450 V1.0, it doesn't have a real header, but this 4995 probably doesn't either,
  • Farmer
    2016-01-18 17:22
    downloaded this mod and cant get to cut anything but grass i downloaded multi mowing mod still nothing
  • Dustysmog
    2016-02-14 03:59
    i downloaded through modhub n mod wasnt recognized by fs15
  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-08 06:30
    can someone put a modhub link for just the header. thanks.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-07-21 04:44
    can someone please convert the 4995 & a header to FS17 please thank you.
  • Ballard
    2017-12-27 22:51
    really cool swather gets a lot of work done
  • Stephen
    2018-09-01 11:26
    can't get the macdon d60 to attach to the swather please help
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