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John Deere 5055 Pack v1.0 Edited
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John Deere 5055 Pack v1.0 Edited

This is Reaper9111’s John Deere 5055 pack, which I edited a bit to have realistic values in the xml. All of the credit belongs to the original authors, I just edited it to be more realistic.

EpicPrydaMods – The original tractor.
Reaper9111 – The original tractor.
Farmer_S – very small edits.
Credits: EpicPrydaMods, Reaper9111, Farmer_S

  • Reaper9111
    2015-06-26 05:57
    Again, you did not had permission to reupload MY MODS... Worst you edited it... You 've lost my respect !Reaper
  • Tfs13
    2015-06-27 16:54
    Thank you this is a good mods
  • Lol


    2016-01-05 03:32
    So many cry babies on this site.... Boo hoo someone stole my mod waaaa.Read Giants agreements... They own your mods. Not you. Its calls Giants Editor not Reaper's Editor. waaaaaaaa
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