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John Deere 6210r Quad Track V1
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John Deere 6210r Quad Track V1

John Deere 6210r Quad Track V1

-full washable

Authors: Restricted, BJR-Modding, Giedrius.

Restricted, BJR-Modding ,Giedrius

  • Joey45
    2015-05-20 20:44
    WOW !! beautiful tractor ! thank you Restricted! My team and me love your mods!
  • Arsenic
    2015-05-20 22:40
    thx man
  • Warondar
    2015-05-21 00:07
    So, you're saying you 'made' the mod, cause 'Do you f'ing know how long it toke me to REtexutre those tracks' doesn't sound like actually MADE/CREATED those tracks?Just asking, cause it seems this whole farming mod community is a little too uptight on half baked ownership/copyright infringements which really don't have any legal basis or backbone.
  • Warondar
    2015-05-21 00:10
    I remember when we use to make mods and review mods for the flight simulator community back during the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator days that it was much more an open, friendlier community who 'shared' and 'grew' on each others work and talents. The only thing required usually was just referencing the authors of the original and previous edits, end of story.
  • David12
    2015-05-21 00:15
    You speak without connaitres for information about the pictures that their 7310r you change I'll be with you drop the plow
  • Reaper9111
    2015-05-21 07:45
    I don't care if the tractor is release. The Tractor ain't mine, The whole retexture of the whole tractor. See how all the pieces have the same color set. I did it otherwise both hydrolic and cabin would have different green, and those tracks... Put them black as they are in the original game if you dont want me to complain. Don't use my textures whitout asking, and WHIOUT CREDITS!
  • Arsenic
    2015-05-21 09:42
    So to answer your question we never took your textures.more good look at your pictures of your wheel is in our later you will speak with me.his will be the only message you have for me
  • Reaper9111
    2015-05-21 20:16
    I have to apologize, After looking at the tracks & the tracto from the mod I have to admit, they are not mine, the tractor aint mine as well.Sorry for the confusion, next time take a picture of the actual mod !
  • Arsenic
    2015-05-21 23:55
    no problem was giving my Photo
  • Rdkjaer
    2015-05-25 10:50
    It's sad to see people are so hostile in this community. It's often rude messages and complaints. Personally I just appreciate that some people take the time to do mods. And believe me... It takes A LOT of time to make a mod / map.useful feedback about faults, ideas, etc. is good. But having a rage because you don't like a mod is just... sad really. Don't play it then and move on. Say thanks to the modder if you like it :-)
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