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John Deere 6210R v1.0
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John Deere 6210R v1.0

Hello everybody,
I'm misterious, former partner of SMI, maybe you already noticed but i quit modding.
While i was cleaning my PC i noticed i had some unfinished projects. So here's my version of BJR's johndeere 6210R.

New roof (by SAMN)
New bonnet (by SAR modding)
New tires (by giants)
New Rims (bumsnudel, SMI)
Texture update (BJR, MMI)

The mod is quite basic, i has no additional scripted functions. I hope some motivated guys of you will fix some scripts and improve it.
Much pleasure!
The Misterious Modding Industry (MMI former partner of SMI)

BJR, SAMN, SAR modding, SMI, Bumsnudel, Giants, MMI

  • Cédric
    2015-02-23 17:25
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