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John Deere 640 Turbo Edition v1
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John Deere 640 Turbo Edition v1

Introducing The Ultimate Combine. John Deere 640 Combine Customized. I have Done Several Tests In Creating This. I Wanted More Thrill, More Speed & More Power.
- Increased HP From 1000 to 9900
- Set Price 0 (Cause It's A Game)
– x24 Rotors More Efficient
– Max Harvesting Speed Increase At 80KM/H
- Top Speed When Not Harvesting: 180
– Animated Rotors
– Hand Animation
– Fuel Tank Holds 2000 Liters
- Harvest Tank Holds 500,000 Liters (Means More harvesting Less Emptying)
- Turbo Power Is Set To 9900 (Means More Power & Speed)
- Drive Control. For Better Handling
- Included Is A 90 Foot Turbo Multicutter

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Because Of The Turbo Power. When You Go To Drive This Vehical Please Give it A Few Seconds To Start Up.
Don't Panic If It Dont Start Moving Right Away. The RPM'S Need To Load Completely. So
Just Give It a Moment.

Installation: The Work Has Been Done For You. Just Download & Place Files In Your Mod Folder. Done Play Game, No Zipping Needed.


  • Farmboy7800
    2016-05-30 16:53
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    excellent mod just a lot far fetched to run 80 mph down the field while harvesting. and the head is not 90 ft. maybe 30 at the most.
  • User
    2016-05-30 16:56
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    There are two downloads, the first is the machine the second is the header
  • Dmac4w
    2016-05-30 17:59
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    great mod except it tears itself up when you have damage mod on.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-30 18:25
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    Thanks Guys. I'll Make some more.
  • Who actually made the model?
    2016-06-01 04:26
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    Who made this model?
  • Sweet ty so much!!!
    2016-06-01 05:30
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    Dude This Is Awesome. i Play on the Brazil map. the fields are huge. the default combine takes me days just to do 1 field. this combine & header made days turn into 30 minutes. Freaking sweet ty bro!!
  • I wish this was real
    2016-06-01 05:53
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    i am a 53 year old farmer in rl. i get maybe 3-4 hours a day with my kids & wife. and during my oldests free time he plays this game. in rl i know what its like to drive a combine and work 1 field for days. i tell you what mr wolf i wish this was real. my wife and kids do to. id have more time with them if i had a combine with this much power and speed. hell i might even be rich. my son says ty for the mod.
  • Mike
    2016-06-07 03:53
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    I hate farming now days. No respect for your work. Grain prices at its all time low since the 80s. Price of things are through the roof. Maybe retire and get my life back.
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