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John Deere 690i v1
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John Deere 690i v1

here is an conversion and edit of the 2013 John Deere 690i.


  • John
    2015-04-28 10:29
    Please remove the errors in both harvester and cutter. Then maybe it is worth something..
  • Guest
    2015-04-28 14:08
    great combine and cutter. i don't know what john is talking about but it's error free for me. might i suggest john that if you have errors, YOU fix them. this lad has produced a great mod with his valuable time and he must be happy with how it turned out to release it to the public. it's not his responsibility if it doesn't work for you.
  • Jake32
    2015-04-28 14:12
    I have this very jd combine as am friends with the editor and there's no errors to the combine or header
  • Bigcountry
    2015-04-29 01:32
    No credits to Julian11 and BigBoss Modding.....Nice, but typical for this site.
  • Ben32
    2015-04-29 01:49
    I had around 6 or 7 errors or warnings, hope you can fix them.
  • Wayne
    2015-04-29 03:02
    I love the combine men but it need to get drity when using it lol it dose good with he xxl case header
  • Joehater
    2015-05-04 23:51
    who's julian11 and bigboss modding? this combine came from joe lindberg, just look at his page and you can tell by the work since it has errors in, it's his handy work.
  • Ben32
    2015-05-14 05:15
    YA its his mod, someone stole it and uploaded it. I wont use it just because of that.
  • Russell bannister
    2015-06-05 00:22
    I haven't had a single problem with this mod; it's worked perfectly for me! Only suggestion I have is, perhaps, a John Deere corn header, so that you don't have to purchase an off-brand corn header
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