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John Deere 690i Washable v1.0
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John Deere 690i Washable v1.0

This is a mod from a pack. I pulled the pieces I wanted out and used the washable parts I wanted from other mods. This is in no way my own work other than exporting and importing parts. I am sharing this simply for all to enjoy as mods should be shared for all to enjoy. Have fun!!!

I have listed all the proper credits from the xml and modDesc. I have reserached and under the Creative Common Lincense as long as all proper credits are listed it is free to share. SO NO BITCHEN ABOUT CREDITS OR PERMISSION.

this is what is in the modDesc.

Edit by Ghost

this is whats in the xml.

Big Boss Modding & SWM

  • Wayne norwood
    2016-01-04 15:34
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    I like it man good mod
  • Crazy
    2016-03-16 00:09
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    good work. anyway you could make it with open side panels
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