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John Deere 7280R v2.0 BETA
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John Deere 7280R v2.0 BETA

John Deere 7280R - Beta!
This model JD 7280R was built by AGO for absolute detail and function freaks.
Minimalists can now set the read and more ... click!
is a version in beta with many improvements to make, and many functions not yet implemented, but it's good enough. To avoid comments about defects, I know them, and like I said, it's only a beta version, I offer you now how picolo Christmas gift.
Thanks to my team MH (fin050808, meyer123, Knechti), and, thanks to the cooperation and support of upside down !!!
Caution is the mod Drive Control to work, find it here Drive Control
Caution is the mod Drive Control to work, find it here Drive Control
Attenzione occorre la mod Drive Control, che qui trovate Drive Control

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This mod is exclusive available at modhoster.de, and may not be offered on any other forum for download. There are no shares on changes of any kind!

Licenza Creative Commons
John Deere 7280R v.1 LS15 di Ago Modding Ë distribuito con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivatives 4.0 Internazionale .
Based on a work at http://www.modhoster.de/ .
Permessi ulteriori rispetto all Finalit ‡ della presente licenza possono essere disponibili presso https://www.facebook.com/ago.systemtech .

Creative Commons License
Sound set and JD7R of LSKnechti Ago and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License .

Ago-Modding (alias Ago-Systemtech)

  • Nikola
    2014-12-25 10:44
    It is not working, where do i find this "drive control" ??MOD IS BROKEN
  • Smitty
    2014-12-25 11:57
    hi merry xmas,the mod wont work with a xbox controller.basically i didnt get to test as it flew me around the map with this installed for me to walk it made me travel a warp speed lol across the map crashed the game..the video of it looks cool of it shame it didnt work.look forward to a fixed version.
  • Nikola
    2014-12-25 16:32
    @smittyMod is broken, it doesn't work. Log is not clean
  • Sebi01010902
    2014-12-26 16:14
    Also danke für diesen nicht funktionirenden Mod meine LOG IS VOLL MIT SCHEISS ERRORSSchlechter Mod
  • Archaron
    2014-12-27 03:18
    The Mod is NOT brocken, you have to get it, where AGO has placed it ;-)
  • Farmerman32
    2014-12-28 00:49
    mod is broken take it off or if u leave it on ure game will freeze
  • Madkeenfarmer
    2015-01-03 10:47
    Hi I was wondering if you could make a john deere gator/utv
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