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John Deere 785 Manure Spreader
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John Deere 785 Manure Spreader

This a conversion of a mod from FS13 to FS15 and completely retextured to a John Deere 785.
-No Dirt (as the model do not allow me to introduce this feature because of the way it was modelled)
-Manure Particules
-Increased Capacity 25000l. (so it stay in the field a bit longer, and reduced the "spray" usage a lil)
-Clean Log

I hope you'll have lots of fun with the mod.
I would like to keep this mod exclusive to American Eagles Modding.
Please credit all authors if you upload this mod anywhere else.

By HintzConst, JRD84, Reaper9111

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    theres a mod i can like and download. Why? Because its Johne Deere, Thanks for the upload. :)
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