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John Deere 7930 Pack  v2
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John Deere 7930 Pack v2

The package contains 4 John Deere Tractors:
 *John Deere 7930 Twin Wheels Dirt
 *John Deere 7930 Twin Wheels Clean
 *John Deere 7930 v2 Clean
 *John Deere 7930 v2 Dirt

-New wheels
 -New skin window
 -New dirt skin
 -Twin Wheels

Please extract the contents of the archive into the folder “mods”.

Keep my download link.

Templear, Timber131,TSL,roller90

  • Guest
    2014-11-03 21:29
    I can't upload John Deere for Direct downland
  • Mat


    2014-11-06 11:02
    hi best mod out of all of them so far you wouldnt be able to upload a john deere skidder by any chance and a kenworth a big one
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