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John Deere 7930 v4.0
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John Deere 7930 v4.0

Hello dear friends of Agriculture,

version 4.0
- Revised tire pressure control system
- Tire pressure control system works properly now (Keypad 7)
- Tire pressure control system now completely switch over IC control
- Front linkage is now folded back when buying
- Revised IC descriptions in the cabin
- All functions are operated via the IC circuit, now remain stored after saving and reloading the game
- Fan installed which starts after a certain time to hum
- New Sound obstructed, clacking should now be gone (Who willl have the old sound again, read READ ME!)
- Provided guidance slightly faster
- Small number of improvements

After much back and forth and eternal conversion time, I was at Easter upload decided a little "treats". I'm not a professional in terms of modding and deshlab you shall not expect too much all. But as was the case my map in LS13, I hope a few to make you happy.
Therefore I have for you today my John Deere 7930th
Technical specifications:
Price: 165,000
Daily Upkeep: 280
Power: 290 hp
Weight: about 11 tons (with wheel weights about 13 tons)
Tank: 510 liters

Functions / features:
- Fully Washable
- Frontladerkonsole (special design of the front loader, as there is a huge tractor, this gets even once I've released it.)
- Front loading protection (IC)
- Additional lighting on the Fronhydraulik (IC)
- Second Rundumleuchte right (IC)
- Doors, windows open (IC)
- Switchable Terminals (purely visual) (IC)
- Seed tubes to grow (they are still static, if anyone knows how to get them flexible, like message to me (IC)
- Front linkage to fold (IC)
- Warning signs with lighting to grow (IC)
- Adjustable steering column (IC)
- Wheel weights which increase the weight and real terms (per 1 ton per page)
- Marker lights on the rear fenders
- Tire tracks
- Realistic lighting (casts shadows)
- Interior lighting with dipped headlights or not connected
- Control Panel Attacher
- Preparation for animated hydraulic hoses (manual Attacher)
- Exciting sound
- Indoor sound, depending on opened doors / windows

I think that's quite a bit of Funtkionen. I tried to tug rebuild as detailed as possible, as it has a contractor in the area.
To say still that upon which the cabin and the basic model John Deere 8530 from GHOST_CO. This I also want to especially mention in the credits.
KEEP THE orignial LINK !!! - The mod may be published on other sites as long as is used ONLY the ORIGINAL LINK! - The mod may be published on other sites as long as ONLY the ORIGINAL LINK will be used! - Le mod peut être publié sur d'autres sites aussi longtemps que le lien original sera utilisé! - O mod pode ser publicado em outros sites, desde que o link original será usado! - Mod moga byc publikowane na innych stronach tak długo, jak oryginalny link bedzie używany! - A mod tehetok közzé más oldalakon, AMIG az eredeti link fogja használni!
It is not allowed to make a change to this mod and upload it again. Not even under a different name, or otherwise. It is not allowed to change anything at this Mod to upload it again. Not even under a different name!

Now I wish you but a lot of fun with the mod. As I said are the front loader's there in the near future, for mistake on my part and useful reviews I'm open. I want to offend anybody or anything else, please contact me. I do not have a lot of experience in terms of the here uploading.
I want to leave you only share my mods.
MfG Nefarius88

Modell: Ghost_CO / Sotillo (Mainmodder)
Textur: Nefarius88 /Ghost_CO / Sotillo (Mainmodder)
Script: verschiedene (Dank an alle!!!)
Idee / Konzept: Nefarius88
Tester: Nefarius88 /Friedli88
Reifen: Bauer Hinnark
Reifendruckregelanlage: Modeleicher und alle Beteiligten (DANK an alle!!!!!)
Storebild: Mitti88, Vielen Dank dafür
Sounds: Ludmilla Power

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    2016-05-06 23:35
    If I can't upload this mod under a different name, can I at least upload this mod under the influence? Because I'd have to be under the influence to even use this mod
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    2016-05-08 02:55
    Tractor runs great. It's a very good mod. I'm glad the stupid 12 year olds found their way back here again.... I wish someone moderated this site and banned these idiots.
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