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John Deere 7930 With Front Loader v1
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John Deere 7930 With Front Loader v1

this is my first release of the beta version thomas had uploaded I just Installed A front loader And Adjusted the mass a little so the rear end would not slide around this is a pack with The front loader & a 6,000 L cap shovel all textured to match Jd Green
Unzip pack and place all three folders in mods folder
Please Note That Front Loader In This Pack Has Been Scaled to fit this tractor and may not set right or even work On another tractor

Vin Modding
thunderhawk09 Front Loader Install

  • Thawk09
    2015-09-14 15:36
    the Indoor Camera side to side view Some how Has Become inverted will fix issue and Rerelease later
  • Thawk09
    2015-09-15 01:45
    quit posting video's on someone else's mod upload that's not even the same mod this mod has no dual wheel option and the texture don't look like crap on this mod MASTER05
  • Hugo
    2015-09-15 07:11
    Very good mod, shame that the front hydraulic is this with an error leaving the invisible, as if missing a piece, wait a correction.I liked the mod
  • Thawk09
    2015-09-15 13:29
    oh crap that's my fault I forgot to fix that HUGO After removed them for front loader Ill get the camera and that fixed for new release
  • Brent
    2015-11-27 18:18
    I can not get this mod to work if you could tell me how I would love to use it
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