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John Deere 8360R v3.0
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John Deere 8360R v3.0

Power – 360 hp
Speedometer and tachometer
EC – Control
double wheels
Traces of wheels
New wheels and tires
Opens the door and window

JuJu, Restricted V3: OfTheSun

  • Kj


    2015-05-13 22:32
    Bonjour, alors la chapeau le mec! mettre en DL un mod bâcler,des roues carrément de travers vraiment du grand n'importe quoi.
  • Name
    2015-05-14 03:06
    its a complete disaster of a download need to check your mods before uploading.
  • Arsenic
    2015-05-15 13:36
    bonjour alors ce mods est pas réalise par restricted est juju je vous conseil de bien faire attention au niveaux des crédit merci
  • Id be ashamed
    2015-05-16 06:44
    Fail.. the model is ok.. but the sounds are lame.. and the fact that the twin wheels are messed up.. really makes it not worth bothering. If you dont mind horrible sounds and dont use dual wheels.. then its ok I guess.
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