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John Deere 8360rt v1
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John Deere 8360rt v1

Drive-speed: 40 km/h
Engine capacity: 9.0 liters
Number of cylinders: 6


  • Punisher
    2015-10-14 10:20
    I have uploaded a proper pic.
  • Bt


    2015-10-14 14:19
    what a dum a$$ docent he know what a john deere is? AND 2 ITS SOPOST TO STAY ON AEM
  • Lone star modding
    2015-10-14 17:48
    That is a Cruel Joke, also don't credit the wrong people, that pisses off a lot of people
  • Rambow145
    2015-10-14 18:03
    Every one relax I am doing a cat challenger atm, I hope to have it done in 3 days. And this deere mod is no good better one out there. This was like the first one that was out when this game came out.
  • Joehater
    2015-10-14 22:39
    both those mods picture of pieces of shit. the deere is just a shitty basic mod by some newbie and the cat. well thats stolen by this self proclaimed dentist who has everyone so whipped they think he actually makes these mods and they kiss his ass in hopes of getting them. the mod is a glorified edit and his pictures are photoshopped so people think they are working mods.
  • Seriousmods
    2015-10-15 00:33
    you douches still wanna keep this site up after this mod was uploaded?? lol
  • Seriousmods is a douche
    2015-10-15 05:04
    like you could really do anything. according to giants all FS mods are free use without permissions. serious and joe are hurting the community more than modhub ever will.
  • Whocares
    2015-10-15 09:11
    good vid of the deere working haha, so much for photoshopped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFPfBJembOQ
  • Drjoedouchelindberg
    2015-10-15 19:13
    joe and seriousmods are the only few who are hurting the community. modhub is doing what the whole community should be doing, releasing mods for everyone to use and have FUN. not keeping everything private and trying to force everyone to make there own mods.
  • Mrrichrod
    2015-10-15 22:38
    Is that fly Chevy pickup one of those "private" mods? I've been looking for a good Chevy truck since release.
  • Brock lesnar
    2015-10-16 04:18
    so whats in this pack? is the challenger included?
  • Mr


    2015-10-16 13:37
    Look fellas, this argument has been going on for 200 years and will do in the future, I think this is ridiculous! Yes, without permission it's stealing, but do you do the world better by keeping everything private? No, you're just making it worse, people who doesn't have mods will steal others work, make it shitty and release it...
  • Mr


    2015-10-16 13:39
    Did you really think a 9 year old kid would learn how to make mods?! For gods sake this game is 3+?!?! And you're fighting like wolves over a piece of meat that you can't control!!And it goes for both sides really...
  • Really?
    2015-10-18 20:05
    The whole reason why they keep mods private are due to you idiots DRJOEDOUCHELINDBERG ruining it (Also the uploader of this mod) Because the people take the mod and say they made it. I have made mods my self and I put my name all over it, They can keep it private if they want.
  • Bull
    2015-10-19 16:35
    this whole community is ridiculous. both sides have major problems. sure stealing others works is not cool. but you people who whine over credits are just as ridiculous. they are mods for a game for people to enjoy. who gives a shit in the end who's name is on it? i've edited and released mods too but you'd never know it because i leave my name off of it. why? because it's for everyone to enjoy. in the end i know what i did and thats all the recognition i need.
  • Namless is an asshole
    2015-10-28 04:41
    Some mods ive worked on have taken my 6 months just to model. People who say it isnt important eather just edit others work or don't know how to mod period.
  • Water
    2015-11-20 16:27
    Sounds like Communism.....
  • Sounds like bullshit
    2015-12-23 19:01
    the best and most true comments on here are about how modhub is doing what the community should be doing, releasing mods so everyone can enjoy them. this private bullshit has to stop. it certainly isn't going to stop the stealing and leaking thats for sure.
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