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John Deere 8400R v1
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John Deere 8400R v1

Enjoy. Has Ic


  • Zzzzz
    2016-11-03 20:16
    sweet tractor, i like this one a lot better than my other 8400 i had for FS15, no lag with this one, the mod desc (i think) needs to re reconfigured for duals as i have no numpad, but i think i can do it, if not then I'll find someone to help me with it., how about a v2 that reconfigured with different keys something like z for front duals & x for rear duals & n for weight stack. .
  • Mk5boost
    2016-11-10 06:24
    mine wont load :/
  • Grizzle
    2016-11-18 19:26
    Mod doesn't show up during mod selection or in game.
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