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John Deere 8530 USA
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John Deere 8530 USA

- Animated front suspension
- Animated steering
- Animated plumbing, revised rear linkage
- Panel IC - Raised mask, folding front linkage, opening doors and rear window
- Twin wheels (keys M, N)
- Weights to the rear wheels (Num 7)
- The weight on the front assumed key (Num 8)
- Fully working lights and turn signals (new animation lights, number plate illumination)
- Speedometer and tachometer
- Sound-cabin
- Washable tires
- Removed shine
- Minor fixes in textures
- Clean LOG
- Fixed camera positions in the cabin
- Improved use of mirrors
- Fixed physics of driving (no tears no longer so very forward and not driftuje when cornering)
- Warning signs changed to US versions

I decided to resign from plowing modules for the Real terrain which gave me the ability to set the Feature better handling and weight of the tractor.

The file contains a 8530 John Deere tractor the US version of the mass and the front TUZem.
The large size of the archive is caused by a detailed model of the tractor.
Tractors were tested with selected basic machines, the lack of noticeable errors. If a machine have problems please info on PW.
Please leave on a free server module. You can be on other forums, but not paid servers. Mod I did for fun, do not earn on it. In case of discharge on the other hand, please remember to include the authors!

Authors: Sotillo, VMV Modding, mati7766, roller90, Jdfan
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  • No


    2015-10-27 01:18
    dont show up in store dont waste ur time downloading
  • Yup


    2015-10-27 01:36
    Works fine for me. Both versions show up in the store.
  • Yep yep
    2015-10-27 01:53
    works great for me, awesome mod man thanks for sharing!!!
  • Steven
    2015-10-27 21:39
    Great job
  • Hmadsen
    2015-10-27 22:57
    NO ERRORS LOOK HERE : /Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//JohnDeere8530_USA_Pack/JohnDeere8530FH.i3d (1613.11 ms)C:/Users//Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//JohnDeere8530_USA_Pack/JohnDeere8530.i3d (339.46 ms)C:/Users//Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FS15_BrentAvalanche1596/BrentAvalanche_green.i3d (560.36 ms) ... GOOD JOB MODDER
  • Ben


    2015-10-28 02:17
    They lag my game, but otherwise look and sound great
  • Nelson2266
    2015-10-29 20:09
    Anyone know the map shown in this?
  • Help please
    2015-10-30 01:31
    HELP This mod won't work or I'm not looking at the right catigory. Will this mod work on high computers? Or is it not in tractors.
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